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To get your home sold quickly, it’s important that other agents in the area show it to as many potential buyers as possible. The first thing a good agent will do when working with a home buyer is to learn what kind of home they are looking for, whether it is a single-family house, a townhouse or condo. Then the agent will search all the available homes for those most closely matching what the buyer wants. Next, the agent puts together a list of the best matches to go show to the buyer. When a busy agent is compiling a list of homes to show a buyer, the agent will naturally tend to show those houses that are easiest to gain access to first. Many homes on the market have “lock boxes” on them. The lock box is a device which holds a key to the home, that only qualified local agents can access. Homes that are listed as being “lock box, no appointment needed” will get shown more often than homes listed as “agent has key, call for appointment”.  If at all possible, you should let your agent put a lock box on your home for easier showing. 

If you can’t do a lock box, you need to be sure that you make it as convenient and easy as possible for other agents to show your home.  If they call, do whatever you have to do to accommodate letting them show your home to buyers on their schedule.  If you don’t, the agent will probably show the buyer other homes, and if that buyer makes an offer on one of them, you’ve just lost a great opportunity.


Home buyers usually feel more comfortable without the seller present so they can freely ask questions to their real estate agent.  So, it’s best if you can leave when the realtor and potential home buyer arrive to see your home.  The most important thing you can do is to keep your home clean and in good working order to enable a  home buyer to know you have taken care of your home.  It's also just as important to make sure it has Curb Appeal which helps to sell your home more quickly.



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    My husband and I have been friends with Linda for over forty years. We personally know her to be an honest and wonderful person who cares for the well-being of others.

When my husband’s mother died, her house was in horrible condition but was in a highly desirable location on the water in Treasure Island.  However, we did not want to sink any money into preparing it to sell.  Linda understood our situation and was able to market the house and find a buyer wanting to rebuild on the water.  Since the house had not been maintained properly, numerous complications occurred during the selling process which Linda handled efficiently and with great skill.  Ultimately, the house sold much quicker than we ever thought possible, with Linda guiding us on every important and relevant detail to ensure a timely closing on the sale.  She certainly made our life so much easier!

In a few years we will be selling our house to retire in North Carolina.   Needless to say we will call upon Linda to once again be our realtor.
Beth & Eddie