As first-time home buyers, we could not have asked for a better experience with our Realtor. Linda was extremely helpful and hands-on with us through the entire process. She guided us through three offers, a bidding war, and a lame duck seller's agent, once we were in contract. All the while, keeping my spouse and I from having a nervous breakdown.

Linda's knowledge and professionalism was by far the best part of the process, second to finding our new home! We appreciated Linda's straight-shooting and felt that we were in excellent hands throughout the process.

We hope to work with Linda in the future as we move forward and develop our real estate portfolio.

Erin - Buyer and Seller

My partner and I used Linda Faucett to sell our house after using her to purchase a house. I can not say enough positive things about working with Linda. She is personable and extremely knowledgeable about the buying and selling process. We were definitely in good hands. THANK YOU LINDA!!!

Lynn and Brandon - Sellers

I chose Linda Faucett to be my Realtor from her reviews and she lived up to every wonderful review written about her and then some! Linda sold my home in two weeks, which had a reverse mortgage on it, and still helped me realize a profit. She knocked my socks off! She guided me through people coming through, Home inspections and bank inspections. She helped me ship my car to another state. She is such a wonderful person, taking care of every little detail, she made it fun to sell my own home and to top it off, she made time to take me to the airport. This little five foot 'wonder' does it all and it all comes out right.... for the seller and the buyer!

Elizabeth - Seller

I was looking for a condo in Clearwater, Florida and a friend of mine referred me to Linda. She told me Linda was 'excellent'. She was absolutely right! Linda's follow through and knowledge is superb. Linda oversaw the entire transaction in Florida, from start to finish, including the final walk-through, to sending me the keys to the condo while I was still in Massachusetts. The process was flawless, I highly recommend Linda!

Cheryl - Buyer

I would recommend Linda Faucett as a real -estate agent to anyone, but especially for buyers new to St. Petersburg.   We moved to Pinellas from out of state, and her knowledge of the area and market was priceless, As she showed us homes, she pointed out bonuses and concerns that would not have occurred to us. Linda's experience really shone as she guided us through the complexities of bidding and closing. We're so grateful to have had this no-nonsense professional in out corner.

Stephen and Ken - Buyers

As first time home buyers, we could not have asked for a better experience with our Realtor. Linda was extremely helpful and hands-on through the entire process. She guided us through three offers, a bidding war, and a lame-duck seller's agent, once we were in contract. All the while, keeping my spouse and I from having a nervous breakdown.

Linda's knowledge and professionalism was by far the best part of the process, second only to finding our new home! we appreciated Linda's straight-shooting and felt we were in excellent hands throughout the process.

We hope to work with Linda in the future as we move forward and develop our real estate portfolio.

I would highly recommend Linda to anyone buying or selling, veterans and newbies alike. This lady is on-point and will fight for her clients. Thank you again for everything Linda!

Ashley and Candy - Buyers

We loved working with Linda! We currently live in Dallas and were looking for a retirement place in the St. Petersburg area. I did not have any real estate contacts in St. Pete, so I did a Google search and ended up having  phone calls with several agents. We immediately connected with Linda and chose her to work with. Linda set up a listing profile for us and several channels for communications while we worked with her remotely. We made a couple of trips to the St. Pete, area once we identified a number of listings that we might have been interested in. We thought we knew the St. Pete. area pretty well, but Linda really helped us understand the various areas and knew what parts would meet our objectives. Our second trip down there we found a place that checked all of our boxes...water views, walking distance to the beach, all the necessary amenities like grocery,  banking, restaurants, shopping and a short drive to downtown St. Pete.

Linda worked tirelessly to see us through the entire process and was quickly on top of some things that could have been more serious had they not been addressed quickly.

Not only is Linda a great Realtor to work with, but we formed a friendship that I think will continue to blossom. I would highly recommend Linda to anybody in need of a Realtor in the Clearwater/St. Pete. area.

Thanks Linda!

Allan and Tony - Buyers

For someone who is seriously considering selling or purchasing a home in Pinellas county there is no better realtor in the area than Linda Faucett of REMAX Action First. She has helped my wife and I buy a home and sell one a few years later, both times handling transactions at a a distance. With so many options available today, the hallmark of a job well done in the personification that Linda strives for in her relationship with her clients. You will not get that one on one support from an only online agency. She knows the area as a native Floridian she will provide valuable insights  on the various neighborhoods. As stressful as moving is, your life will be made easier by working with Linda. She will ensure that as either seller or buyer you will have a great experience.

Jerry and Emilia - Buyers    

STOP....look no further. Linda Faucett is the realtor that will sell your property. Linda sold my property in five days from the date she listed it. Linda's the best, and I will utilize her services when I purchase my new home! Thank you Linda for making this transaction so easy. 

I live out of state, but had no worries because Linda did her job!

Cindy - Seller

It was close to the recent holiday when I contacted Linda to look at a house in Clearwater I had found online. She responded to my email promptly and came to my rescue! We ended up buying the house and Linda helped us with the ENTIRE process. We will definitely contact Linda the next time we need a realtor.

Brandon and Lynn - Buyers

Had a great experience using Linda to purchase our new home in Florida. Moved from Texas and was given Linda's name on a referral. We learned very quickly why...Linda was excellent! Wonderful realtor with a ton of knowledge.

Gracie - Buyer

Could not have found our house without Linda! She was super knowledgeable not only about the area we were looking in, but about houses themselves, and while we were being 'wowed' by awesome cabinets she was noticing water damage and bad repairs!  She helped in all the right ways and ours was an out of state move, so we had a lot of moving pieces and a tight time schedule. We are THRILLED to recommend Linda to anyone!

Kate & Amy - Buyers


If you want a woman that will work for you then this is the woman you want. I first met Linda 8 years ago when I lived in Massachusetts and my husband and myself were interested in purchasing a condo in Clearwater, Florida. I was having a hard time getting someone to work with me. I found Linda and she was amazing , did all the paperwork and made sure everything went smoothly. Linda always sent Birthday wishes and Christmas cards, even 7 years later. Well this year we decided to move to Florida for good and sold our home up north and moved into the condo. I had decided that I wanted to purchase a home and sell the condo. I contacted Linda and she hooked me up with MLS so I would get the listings in my email. She also helped me find the house of my dreams and I will tell you it didn't go smooth with the sellers, the mortgage company and thank God I had her. She always contacted everyone for me and helped out so much to smooth out the transaction.I could not have done it without Linda. She went above and beyond the call of duty. She had no problem reaching out to everyone and would be on the phone with me all the time. The woman must sleep with her phone because she is always reachable.I also just sold my condo with her and that went very smoothly and she did a great job. I have already recommended her to family and they are using her now and are very happy with her. You will not be disappointed if you use her. I am proud to say she was not only my realtor but also became a friend.

Sandy and Ray - Sellers and Buyers

Linda has long been our Realtor and  friend. She's handled a number of our house sales quickly and professionally - always looking to maximize our investments,

She is a kind and generous person and truly treats each client as family. And she would do almost anything for her family!

Beth and Ray - Sellers & Buyers - Multiple properties

Linda is wonderful to work with. She goes way above to make sure that her clients are happy. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Every chance I get, I recommend her.

Belinda - Buyer

Moving is rarely easy, and moving from out of state has the potential to be a nightmare,  in the current market. Linda showed her patience as she helped us determine the neighborhood and home features that fit our current needs.  She showed her tenacity as we hit many snags along the way, including with our offers in other homes.  She provided an immense amount of guidance when we were frustrated with lender issues. She confirmed that she knows her clients personally, enough to actually choose a home for us when we had to return to our home out of state. Yes, we actually made an offer on a home we had never seen in person, based on her recommendation, after she had made personal viewing on our behalf on several other homes, Of course, she always kept us p to date with current pictures, emails, texts and phone calls. She even opened her home to me personally when I had to make a quick trip back here to deal with issues with my new job, telling me she wasn't going to 'let me stay in a hotel'. Our entire experience would have truly been a nightmare without her patience, experience, perseverance, guidance, and true concern for her clients. Linda, we cannot fully express our overwhelming gratitude!

Teresa - Buyer

We reached out to five Realtors when we decided to take a job in St. Pete. Two called back, though only Linda followed up again. She answered her phone, or returned voicemails promptly. She had great insights and shared honest opinions and helpful experiences. Due to a baby and living 3 hours away, scheduling visits was hard, but she eagerly worked with us and our little boy. She gave great referrals and worked well with my broker. Her flexibility and reliability set her apart and made the whole home search and buying experience easier, I hope I don't have to move anytime soon, but if I do, I'll call her up again in a heartbeat.

Kent/Roberts Family - Buyers

I have known Linda Faucett for approximately 10 years, and take great pleasure in recommending her as a completely professional, career oriented individual. Her knowledge of the Real Estate industry is second to none. Her duty always comes first and she is prepared to be "on the job" at any time, around the clock. An unencumbered, disciplined lady with self confidence and complete commitment to her clients.  Linda is a very conscientious lady, on the go and always has the clients needs first. I can certainly recommend her.  As an overseas resident, I was always assured that she would be looking out for my best interests and would make the best decision in my favour, when I could not be contacted immediately.

Helen - Investor/Seller/Buyer - St. Petersburg

Linda Faucett is amazing! The entire process was exciting. Linda was truly the ultimate professional, and we consider her a good friend through this process. Things were a little stressful for us as we purchased a home in North Carolina before we sold our home in Seminole. Linda was able to secure a buyer within days of the listing. She was the best Real Estate Agent we could ever have hoped for to control the process for us. We will recommend her to all our friends in Seminole, as we plan to keep in touch with all of them.

Larry and Betty - Sellers - Seminole

I started searching for a Realtor in January 2017 to assist me in purchasing a home later in the year, and I came across Linda's website. I literally combed through her site, reading all the information on every page. I kept shopping around and something kept bringing me back to her website. I am sure glad whatever it was, did!

Linda truly met all my expectations and even exceed some of them. She scheduled homes for viewing during the weekdays and weekends. When we toured the homes, she pointed out items that were beneficial and items that may not be so beneficial in the future. After touring a few homes with her, we both got to know what each of us looked for and this made me feel very comfortable.

We were out on a Wednesday, touring 6 homes, the first 5 just didn't meet my standards. We arrived at the 6th home of the day and, to make a long story short...we both liked it! Linda walked me through the negotiation of the sale, keeping me informed with each turn of events. She met me at the home for all inspections that needed to be completed.

Linda is a wonderful woman who is professional, kind, caring and honestly looks out for her clients best interests. If you are looking for a Realtor, look no further! Linda is the one.

Tim - Home Buyer - St. Petersburg

In 2011, I began investing in real estate in Florida. Having lived in New Hampshire my entire life, I had a lot to learn about Florida, as well as real estate investing. I was extremely lucky to meet two women who were a wealth of knowledge and who subsequently were a tremendous help in making my real estate investments a huge success. One was my insurance agent and the other was Linda Faucett. I actually bought my first house in Florida through another agent and soon discovered there was a vast difference in agents! Linda has so much knowledge and insight into real estate due to her many years involved in the business, that many other agents simply do not compare. Of course, knowledge and insight are of no use if your agent is not 100% committed with making sure she dots all the i's and crosses all the t's....and Linda certainly does that and more!

I have bought 7 house through Linda and now I am selling those houses with her. If you want to be successful in Real Estate Investing, a qualified, competent agent like Linda Faucett is a must!

Brad - Real Estate Investor - St. Petersburg

Linda, we'd like to thank you again for everything you have done to get us to where we were seeking to be that could fulfill our needs and wants, in seeking a home. We couldn't be happier with our choice!  You took the time to thoroughly understand our scenario and went above and beyond to help find the perfect home that does meet all our needs and wants! 

With that said, we were so impressed with your knowledge and guidance throughout the home shopping process. From that process, we realize that, without you we likely could have made some big mistakes on our own!

So again, I do not think we can thank you enough for all you have done and the time you took to help make it happen.

Tommy - Home Buyer - Pinellas Park

We first met Linda when she was referred to us a year before we even moved to St. Pete. Not knowing if she would see us again and only meeting us over one lunch - Linda sent us a detailed description of neighborhoods to check out (turn by turn) and answered specific questions about the market/areas/trends/neighborhoods.

We knew when the time came to finally purchase our home (over two years later) - that Linda was the one to turn to...we were so happy that we did. Linda had our backs the whole time - making calls to Realtors, referring folks our way to work with, communicating with all those in the process, answering our questions and texts and keeping us informed on everything. Linda's communication and determination to make things work and get us in our home were amazing to see. She is caring, very knowledgeable (she is a St. Pete. native), and confident, which was very helpful during negotiations and all the way to the closing table.

I would recommend Linda Faucett to anyone needing a reliable, smart, confident and caring agent that works so hard to make her clients happy through all stages of buying a home...we were in good and caring hands with Linda as out agent!

Nicki and Carla - Buyers - St. Petersburg

Linda is a Realtor with strong ethics and professionalism in all that she does. We originally called a couple of Realtors but it was Linda's quick et is a Realtor with strong ethics and professionalism in all that she does. We originally called a couple of other Realtors, but it was Linda's quick response and attention to detail that led us to utilize her in our home search. 

With Linda being a native of St. Pete., we had complete confidence. Being native Texans, we were unfamiliar with the area, unfamiliar with the market conditions and we were full of questions. Linda was patient in answering all our questions and was quick to provide information on topics we didn't account for. Linda's expertise was critical throughout the process. Linda was well connected as it relates to closing agents, insurance agencies, and inspectors. It was through these contacts that we determined the first house we selected had more issues than we wanted to take on. Through her help and guidance, we moved onto another home and closed in record time, despite an uncompromising seller. Linda was instrumental in keeping all action items on track to ensure we, as buyers, were satisfied. We couldn't be happier!!!  When the need arises, we look forward to working with Linda again!!! Thanks Linda!!!

Robert and Jon - Buyers - St. Petersburg

Linda Faucett has helped us sell two homes over the last decade. The first one belonged to a relative. It was in terrible shape but in a prime location. She advised us what needed to be done and gave us a reasonable price to sell the home. My husband and I know very little about real estate and what to expect when selling a house. When the inspection came back, she was able to recommend some workmen that were reputable and reasonable. Selling that house was painless because Linda walked with us and kept us constantly informed.  

We just moved to North Carolina and Linda sold our Seminole house. Again, she walked with us every step of the way. After the appraisal, we found that we had a few things to repair for the buyer. Again, she recommended someone and even checked on the house frequently after we moved. It is stressful enough to clean out, pack up and arrange for a move. We were able to focus on our move because as usual, Linda took care of everything.

Linda is honest, loyal, informed about the housing market and a saint! She keeps you informed, discusses everything and doesn't give up until the house is sold. She is wonderful. I recommend her highly.

Beth and Eddie - Sellers - Seminole

Linda is by far the BEST Realtor I have ever known. She is responsible for my husband and I finding and purchasing our Forever Home. Linda was referred to me by a mutual friend....thanks again Debbie and Terry! Linda had been helping me through a bankruptcy, which took a couple of years. I joked with her saying that some day we would do business and she would make a commission for all her troubles. 

Well, that day came and we got pre-approved on financing, so I called Linda and told her what we wanted.  We spent about a month looking and nothing really seemed to be what we were looking for. So my husband went online and looked at everything and he finally found it. Linda made an appointment and we fell in love!  This house was NOTHING like what we had Linda looking for, but it turned out to be EVERYTHING we wanted.  

Linda did the rest, advised us on the offer, etc., they accepted and the rest as they say, was history. Linda put us in ontact with EVERYTHING we needed: financing, insurance, inspectors...you name it.  She advised us with everything and looked after us like we were family, and now we feel like we are! We couldn't be happier.

I tell everyone I know who is in the market to contact her. I have many business cards! She is very professional and knows her stuff.

Dee and Mike - Buyers - Pinellas Park
(Happiest Homeowners EVER)

We were very fortunate to have Linda as our Realtor. There needed to be a great amount of trust in our long-distance, initial relationship. We decided to trust her, and she was willing to work for us "sight unseen".

After quickly understanding what we wanted in a property, she suggested we come down, so we set three days aside to come and see properties. When we got there (hoping some appointments were set up), she had actually set all the appointments for that same afternoon.  All of our criteria for properties were met on every appointment! We found our new home right away because of her expertise, understanding our needs and hard work.  These qualities, and her devotion to detail are the qualities that made our major transition possible.  And, because we made an offer the first day, we were able to use the remaining time to explore the area.

Linda's integrity and knowledge helped us through the offer and negotiation process, as she allowed us to make the decisions but offered as much help as possible. 

Yes, it was our great fortune to find a Realtor as professional(and personable) as Linda.  We hope to have a continued friendship with her now that we have moved to the area and into the home we had dreamed of owning.

Pam and Scarlett  -  Home Buyers  -  Parrish

We really cannot say enough about Linda. This was our first time buying a second home to use as both a rental property and to getaway for ourselves. We found Linda buy doing some research on the Internet. She was quick to get back to us and for the minute we talk to her on the phone we knew she would be the realtor for us. From that moment on, she worked quickly and efficiently on everything that we asked. 

We were coming from out of state, so she had three days to set up showings, introduce us to the area, and try to find us our ideal second home.  And believe it or not, she did just that! We couldn't be happier with the property that she found us.  Closing was a little challenging because we live in another state, but Linda was there every step of the way and VERY patient throughout the whole process.  Since the closing, Linda has remained our "go to" person for various things and we couldn't be more pleased.  Honestly, we can't thank Linda enough for everything she has done for us.  We would recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor in that area.

Danielle and Dawn - Home Buyers - Madeira Beach 

My husband and I feel very fortunate that we found Linda to help us in our search for a condo. We weren't very familiar with condo living and Home Owners Associations but due to Linda's expertise, she helped us become very comfortable making the move. Linda showed us a variety of available properties in different locations and while working with her, she learned more about us and our needs and we got to know her. And the more we knew about Linda, the more we liked her. Linda is not only a very knowledgeable and efficient real estate professional, she is a caring and thoughtful person as well. In the future if we have any further real estate ventures, she will be the first to know. It is without hesitation that I recommend Linda for any real estate need.

Deb and Terry – Home Buyers – Pinellas Park, FL

Linda was our realtor when we were looking for a home in Florida. We have purchased more than five homes and never before worked with a more knowledgeable, interested and professional person as Linda. She did her research based on our guidelines and helped us get our condo and close within 3 weeks! She was always available, answering her cell phone immediately or returning our call the same day, often even within the hour. I would highly recommend Linda because she will either sell your home or find you a new one and make the experience a very good one.

Alida and Fred - Home Buyers and Sellers – Seminole

As a first time home buyer, I needed guidance in every step of the buying process and Linda was more than a Realtor. She took the time to educate me and in many ways she was more like a friend willing to help me above and beyond her duties as an agent. Linda has the knowledge of the housing market and is a great person to work with. Definitely she made my life much easier! Thanks Linda!

Alley - 1st Time Home Buyer – Tampa

I have worked with Linda both as a property manager and realtor in the sale of that same rental property. I truly cannot say enough about the assistance she has provided me throughout both experiences. She made my life so much easier by resolving any rental issues that arose and giving me excellent referrals for services needed for repairs and item purchases.  I was totally clueless about the process of selling a home and had little time to deal with the details. I assumed that the house would be on the market forever and that it would be a constant burden to deal with all the things that needed to be done to make the house presentable.  However, Linda was fabulous!  She consistently went above and beyond to make things happen.  She immediately listed the house, gave me a list of the items that I needed to take care of, and she took care of the rest. She expertly coordinated the details with me and my brother, the co-owner, who lives out of state.  I cannot tell you what a relief it was! She kept me in the loop each step along the way and worked diligently behind the scenes to make the sale.  I was truly impressed with how painless she made the process for me and how rapidly she was able to close the deal. Her professionalism, integrity and excellent customer service are refreshing! I will not hesitate to refer friends and family to her. If I need the services of a realtor in the future, she will be the first and only call that I will make!

Teri – Home Seller – St. Petersburg

Linda guided me through purchasing my first home in St. Pete, FL. When I met her, she took the time to ask about my needs and wants, and was a joy to work with. She can walk into a home and spot the tiniest details that I didn't see. She negotiated an amazing close for me, and was always incredibly   honest. As a result, I love my house and I'm thankful that she guided me through the process. I trusted her enough to sell my grandma's home, and she has been so incredibly patient throughout the process. When I buy my next home, or when I have friends who need a great recommendation, I'll only trust Linda. Thanks again

Erin - 1st Time Home Buyer – St. Petersburg

Linda was our Re/Max real estate agent for the sale of my sister's condo in Florida. The sale was complicated since we were conducting it from out of state. Linda did an outstanding job in not only helping us get the place ready to sell in today's market, she was able to help us close on this sale in less than a month! We are truly grateful for the assistance she gave us and would highly recommend her to handle your real estate business needs. 

Caroline and Fred - Sellers - St. Petersburg

Despite the fact that we were first time buyers and young and full of many questions, Linda was always patient with us. She also was always willing to shoot straight with us about the properties we toured. In the end, what stands out most vividly is the first time we met Linda. We were looking at a house on a busy street and she walked us to the back bedroom. She said, "Do you hear that"? While traffic buzzed by and rattled the windows, she added "this isn't the right house” we immediately knew we could trust her and that she wasn't going to convince us to buy any old property we stumbled upon. Although it took us almost a year to find the right place, Linda never wavered in her belief that we would. During this time, she really got to understand our needs even more and our likes and dislikes. And when we did find the right house, just like that first time we met her, she knew.

Jon and Christina – 1st Time Home Buyers – St Petersburg

Early in May of this year on my way home from work I decided to never go back. I got home and discussed this life changing decision with my husband Dean. The very next day we placed our home in Philadelphia on the market and decided to relocate to St. Petersburg. We had visited St. Petersburg a few times and loved its history and charm.

When looking on the internet for a realtor we came across Linda’s website. After a few phone conversations and several email exchanges, I knew we lucked out. Linda lined up several homes that covered our criteria and coordinated showings for the latter part of June. I was very impressed with her knowledge of St. Petersburg real estate and the straight forward no-nonsense guidance she provided.
I could go on but the bottom line is on the very first day we finally met her and toured a few homes we fell in love with a charming bungalow in St. Petersburg. It would not have happened without Linda.

We are currently enjoying this lovely city and also have a new friend. Thank you, Linda.

Armando and Dean - Relocation Home Buyers - St Petersburg

Moving is rarely easy, and moving from out of state has the potential to be a nightmare, especially in the current market. Linda first showed her patience as she helped us determine the neighborhoods and home features that fit our current needs. In addition, she proved her tenacity as we hit many snags along the way with offers on other homes and provided an immense amount of guidance when we were frustrated with lender issues.

Linda confirmed that she gets to know her clients personally and gained our trust enough to tour homes for us when we had to return to our home out of state. After she took the time to make personal viewings on several other homes, we actually made an offer on our home even though we had never seen it in person based on her recommendation! Of course, Linda always kept us up to date with current pictures, emails, texts and phone calls. Linda even opened her home to one of us when a quick trip back here was necessary to deal with issues with a new job, saying "I’m not going to let you stay in a hotel". Our entire experience would have truly been a nightmare without Linda’s patience, expertise, perseverance, guidance, and true concern for her clients. Linda, we cannot fully express our overwhelming gratitude!

Teresa and Dawn - Home Buyers - Kenneth City

My husband and I have been friends with Linda for over forty years. We personally know her to be an honest and wonderful person who cares for the well-being of others. When my husband’s mother died, her house was in horrible condition but was in a highly desirable location on the water in Treasure Island. However, we did not want to sink any money into preparing it to sell. Linda understood our situation and was able to market the house and find a buyer wanting to rebuild on the water. Since the house had not been maintained properly, numerous complications occurred during the selling process which Linda handled efficiently and with great skill. Ultimately, the house sold much quicker than we ever thought possible, with Linda guiding us on every important and relevant detail to ensure a timely closing on the sale. She certainly made our life so much easier! In a few years we will be selling our house to retire in North Carolina. Needless to say we will call upon Linda to once again be our realtor.

Beth and Eddie – Home Sellers – Treasure Island

Linda is very skilled in her profession. I provided her with my requirements and she was able to provide me with appropriate real estate listings. Over a few weeks period, we toured several properties and she helped guide me when I decided to place an offer on the home I purchased. Linda was not only helpful, she was very friendly and helped make my move to Florida a pleasant experience. Thanks Linda!

Kyla - Home Buyer – Clearwater 

We cannot say enough about the competency, professionalism, warmth, and undying patience we experienced from Linda Faucett during the process of relocating from the Midwest and buying our new home in the Tampa Bay area. Linda took the time and went to great lengths to get to know us and to understand our unique needs even before we met her in person. She listened intently to both our individual and combined descriptions about what we desired in our new home. She exhaustively researched possible homes to meet our diverse needs that also fell within our projected budget.

Linda also provided extensive advance information that saved us a tremendous amount of time and aggravation which enabled us to focus our energy on our cross-country move. Linda patiently and expertly guided us through several home showings as well as promptly responded to the numerous questions that were raised during this process. Even when our questions were outside of her expertise, she promptly suggested valuable resources that could assist us. She allowed us the time and space to decide on the home we wanted and never attempted to sway us toward any one particular property. Once we narrowed our options, Linda helped us weigh out the strengths and challenges of each option.

In addition, once we ultimately made our decision, she helped us to negotiate a fair price for the home we now love. Our list could go on and on. In short, she served as our advocate and friend throughout our search, our relocation, and our ultimate home purchase. We feel very fortunate to have found a real estate professional with the intelligence, dedication and expertise that Linda Faucett provides.

Bill and Joel - Relocation Home Buyers - Pinellas Park

Linda Faucett recently helped us purchase our first home in St. Petersburg, and as young professionals new to homeownership, she could not have made the process more streamlined for us. She was very responsive to questions and concerns, genuinely listened to our preferences, and didn't inject her own opinion unless it might negatively impact our satisfaction with the home we were looking at. We were first looking for an old St. Pete bungalow house close to downtown, and when nothing met our price range and amenities, Linda quickly responded to our change in geographic scope and helped us refocus our search to another neighborhood. We felt entirely comfortable disclosing our interests and needs vs. wants. She made every effort to find us something that met what we were looking for. In the end, we found the perfect house. If there were any kinks or hindrances to the sale or the contract development, she smoothed them over before we even became aware that there was an issue. On more than one occasion we contacted her to ask her to set up the next step of the process, only to find out she had already done it for us. Linda also has many reliable contacts in the area to help with things like insurance, inspections, and repairs. You will not find a more hardworking, reliable, honest, and personable realtor in Pinellas County.

Quinn and Erika - 1st Time Home Buyers - St Petersburg

My husband and I met Linda during a trip to Clearwater in March 2013. Shortly after that, my husband and I decided to relocate from Pennsylvania to Pinellas County and let Linda know. She stayed in constant contact with us during the time our home in PA was being sold and also convinced us that we should look to purchase rather than rent. Because Linda has an extensive investment property client list, when we arrived she was able to place us in a temporary rental in one of the properties she manages which gave us time to get a feel for the real estate market.

Based on our criteria, Linda regularly sent us listings of available homes. Within a short two months, she found us a home that suited our needs! Not only was Linda always thorough, professional and helpful, she walked us through the entire process as well as helped us learn our way around in a very unfamiliar area! Linda is not just our real estate agent, she is a good friend and we would highly recommend her for all of your real estate needs.

Patti and Kenny - Home Buyers - Largo

In the competitive market of real estate, within the Pinellas County region or beyond, few agents possess those unique qualities I have come to know from Linda Faucett. Whether your objective is to buy, sell or rent, you need to entrust your investment both in time and effort in a professional who is responsive and resourceful. Linda has those attributes vital to meet the current climate of the industry and surpass your expectations. I value my continued association with Linda.

Her expertise and insight, attention to detail, friendly personality and a sincere willingness to render useful advice to her clients are instrumental. You have many options to consider, however, if you desire to engage an agent to handle all aspects of your real estate needs with a unique professional competence, then I recommend Linda as your agent of choice without any hesitation or reservation.

Robert - Property Investor – Washington, DC

After I decided to downsize earlier this year, first Linda found me the perfect 2 BR condo at a great price. Then, she secured a contract after only 7 days on the market and sold my 4 BR house in Dunedin at the price I wanted. Linda has a great feel for the market and her advice and guidance during both the purchase and sale were right on target.

Of course, what you really want in a real estate agent are efficiency and effectiveness, and Linda certainly fits that bill. But it was also important to me to have someone who understood and respected my needs, both financial and personal. And Linda did that. She truly makes buying and selling easy. She also has an extensive cadre of people to help get a property ready for the market: cleaners, painters, a variety of repair service personnel and even a structural engineer. Linda coordinates with her support team to stay right with you throughout the process. And when all the business is done, Linda doesn’t just disappear. She remains as a friend that I’ll treasure for years to come.

Bob - Home Buyer and Seller - Clearwater/Dunedin

When we met Linda, we had been through 2 realtors, 20+ homes and we were beginning to think home ownership was not for us. As first-time home buyers, we were overwhelmed with the whole process. We needed someone to talk us through and to be patient with our questions. Just when we were about to put our house hunting days on hiatus, a friend recommended that we call Linda. One hug and a car ride consultation later, we knew we had found the right person to lead the search for our new home.

Linda’s honesty and directness were a breath of fresh air in a sea of sales people who only saw the bottom line. She took the time to understand our needs and wants in a home. When we found the home that we own today, Linda became our personal "knight in shining armor", making sure the offer was in right away, that we got the best lender to handle our financial needs and that we were ultimately making the right decision for our family.

We really knew we had a fantastic realtor when there were a few snags in the lender approval process due to new seller requirements and Linda didn’t leave us hanging. Instead, she was calling, emailing, faxing, you name it, to insure that we did not lose the perfect home for us. Linda guided us through the battlegrounds to ensure we had our wonderful new home. We are grateful that Linda was there to hand us the keys to our future. We recommend when searching for your next home that you give Linda a call. Thank you, Linda!

Mary and Andrew - 1st Time Home Buyers – Pinellas Park

When we began the process of relocating to Pinellas County from hundreds of miles away we knew it would be difficult to take time away from our hectic schedules to go house hunting. It was so important that we find a realtor who would work with us to accurately define our "wish list" which included not only the type of home we were looking for but also the right location. Luckily, we found Linda.

Linda helped us find a wonderful home in a great location. And, she used her knowledge of the current market to ensure we got the house at the right price. After the deal was made, it was discovered the roof needed to be replaced. Linda then took charge to make sure the repairs were made by a reputable contractor in time to still allow us to close by the desired date. Simply put, Linda is not only a great realtor, she is a wonderful and caring individual. Linda took all the worry out of what could have been a scary long distance move and we can't thank her enough.

Dwight and Alan - Home Buyers - Seminole

Linda Faucett proved her expertise in marketing my Clearwater villa at a time when residential property was selling at a very slow pace. After a year of listing my place with another agent and receiving very little interest from buyers, I decided to take it off the market. Thankfully, after a couple of months, I had a few face-to-face meetings and encouraging phone calls with Linda and decided to once again list my home for sale.

Very quickly, Linda was able to garner a substantial amount of exposure with her internet and other marketing strategies. In addition, her savvy suggestion to have my vacant home designed by a staging company lead to an overwhelming increase in the number of people interested in viewing it. In just a few months, Linda herself ultimately found the right buyer and helped to negotiate a win-win situation for myself and the buyer. I am truly grateful for all of the time and patience she put into making this sale finally happen! I would highly recommend that you engage Linda’s services to help you sell your home.

Barbara - Home Seller – Clearwater

In 2009 we were looking for property in Northern FL and Linda Faucett set us up with a local Remax agent in Live Oak, Fl. She assisted us with the paperwork since we lived in Pinellas Park and kept in close contact with the agent in Live Oak through the entire process. In 2012 we decided to move permanently to the property and asked Linda to help us with selling the Pinellas Park home. Linda was very professional and thorough with taking various pictures to post, taking a good history of the home and had all the paperwork needed to get us started with the process. She was very cooperative and sensitive to the fact we had a limited time frame for showing the home due to our work schedules. It was a pretty fast turn around though as she was able to find a buyer, work though the VA's system for their loan and have everything completely finalized and the closing done within 2 months!! We would recommend Linda Faucett to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in Pinellas or Hillsborough County.

Jo and Electra - Pinellas Park/Live Oak

I can't tell you enough about Linda. My husband and I live in Massachusetts and we were looking to buy a property in Clearwater, FL. I had contacted a realtor and he pretty much didn't want to deal with our transaction but I found Linda and she was amazing right from the start as she quickly responded to my emails and phone calls. When we were ready to purchase, she was very direct and honest and guided us in submitting our offer. Once we came to a deal we ran into a little snag and Linda got her title company to handle the issue even though it was something that had happened in a previous transaction but impacted our ability to purchase the property.
I still get emails from Linda wishing us Happy Holidays or Happy Birthday. Not only did I find a realtor but also a friend. I can't recommend Linda enough!

Sandy and Ray - Home Buyers - Clearwater

Linda was the property manager for the condo I was leasing for the last year. When the owners decided to sell the unit, I already loved it and had become familiar with the area which I also enjoyed so it may good sense to me to buy it. I already had a solid working relationship with Linda while she managed the property and I knew her to be honest, dependable and knowledgeable and I trusted her completely to act on my behalf to help me buy my home. I found that both the leasing and buying process with Linda ran very smoothly. She always responded to my calls in a timely manner and did whatever was needed to get the job done. She definitely knows her business. If you are considering leasing or buying property, Linda would be the realtor I would recommend.

Linda - Home Buyer - St Petersburg

As a client I cannot express with words the gratitude and satisfaction I have experienced while we have looked for a home in the Clearwater area. Coming from Colorado my husband and I knew it was not going to be an easy task to find a house 2000 miles away. While searching an overwhelming amount of real estate website pages, Linda pointed us in the right direction based on our needs and budget. She took the time to know us and asked about long term and short term plans for our housing needs. Our rather unusual need to reside in the house for a couple of years, move to the UK for a few more years while renting out the property and eventually retiring in the area, were all taken into account. She listened and asked important questions. It is without hesitation that I recommend Linda Faucett for relocation, upsizing, downsizing or any real estate need. You will find no better agent in the business.

Emilia and Jerry - Home Buyers - Palm Harbor

My husband and I searched on our own to find a home convenient to his commute to work in Clearwater Beach. We saw a home we were interested in and Linda was the listing agent so we contacted her directly. Linda worked tirelessly to broker the sale, referred us to a great mortgage contact, answered all of our questions and was never further than a text away! Her professionalism was impeccable, but we also felt as though we had also found a new friend! We wholeheartedly recommend Linda to anyone wanting to sell or purchase property. She is a true gem in the real estate industry!

Dawn and Bobby - Home Buyers - Pinellas Park

Linda did a terrific job of representing our interests when survey details surfaced at the end of negotiations. We are very glad that she was our real estate agent. It was the first time that we listed a property with someone we had never met and it turned out to be a successful experience. She kept us informed every step of the way and when we had concerns, she kept a cool head and showed her professionalism to both seller and buyer. Someday we hope to be able to meet Linda.

Phylis and Kay - Home Sellers - Arcadia, Florida

Linda represented me as a buyer in my purchase of a luxury downtown condo. The deal ended up being difficult, due mostly to the seller being rather ridiculous. Linda spent a lot of time and effort helping to get my purchase across the finish line.

Bryan – Home Buyer – Saint Petersburg